About us

Adwar is one of the most promising companies in the field of logistics services.

It was established in 2013 and was able in a short time to build a base of customers thanks to the distinguished service. The company manages many contracts in the government sector and the private sector in the field of human cadres transportation, storage, transportation of materials, maintenance work and operation.

Our Goal

Upgrading the process of transportation, warehousing and other logistics services and providing all modern means that enable the customer to benefit from the service better. We seek to expand the scope of logistics services to all parts of the Kingdom soon.

Why Adwar؟

Adwar is also unique in providing distinguished services, one of its most important elements

Providing an integrated operating service for contracts with the ability to add new services needed by the client

Ease of obtaining service, and low cost.

Sending periodic reports to the client with the workflow mechanism.

Covering all cities of the Kingdom.

Periodic supervision by the Quality Department on all services provided to clients.

Quality of service provided.

Flexibility in dealing with the client

Inclusive of shipping all products including (refrigerated - frozen - dry)