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/We transport the cus- tomer’s goods from one location to another withdifferent types of vehi- cles determined by the nature of the customer’s products as the custom- er can contract at a fixed monthly rent or at the price of the shipment.

Space rental Warehousing

We facilitate the custom- er storage and reduce the cost by providing storage space determined by the customer’s need within the warehouses of The Adwar company )licensed by the FDA(, where we carry out all ground operations )Load- ing - unloading- packaging sorting - stocktaking- send- ing reports( in addition to the availability of surveil- lance cameras and security guards.

Refrigerated transport

We provide refrigerated vehicles of all kinds for the transportation of ma- terials that require a cer- tain temperature such as )food, medical products - natural roses - etc.( be- tween cities and abroad, at competitive prices de- pending on the size and weight of the shipment

Transporting HR

The service aims to trans- port workers in the facilities in all types )depending on the establishment( by providing vehicles with the driver, fuel, regular maintenance and carrying out the full trans- portation process in addition to appointing a supervisor who is specialized in direct and field supervision and responsible for all matters related to the transportation process.