Adwar Services

We offer you all transportation and storage solutions.

The last mile


It is the journey of the shipment that starts from receiving from the store until it is delivered to the customer’s hand. Adwaar is characterized by this service at competitive prices and high quality with the availability of an integrated electronic system that allows you to track the shipment and the representative, which allows you to reach the largest possible segment to be your ideal partner in success and expansion.

Inventory and fulfillment management service


We provide you with professional solutions to manage your e-commerce products, where we take care of the warehousing process and inventory management from receiving and delivering orders. Manage your activity and expand your business.

  • Receive orders from several suppliers
  • Examining the quality of applications received according to the standards delivered by the first party
  • Adding products as inventory and storing them with the second party
  • Receiving customer orders online
  • Pull products from stock and prepare them as orders based on the required quantity
  • Packaging products by placing them in outer boxes for orders
  • Arranging products according to order numbers and final destination

Storage B2B


We contribute to reducing the cost of storage for the customer and be a part and partner in his commercial journey by providing a system for renting storage spaces based on the customer's need for all types of inventory

  • Frozen (-15,-18)
  • Chilled (0 – 8)
  • Ambient (+28,+18)
  • Dry (room temperature)

In addition to all ground operations that take place inside the warehouse

Operating Lease


Carrying out the full operation process, and we also provide shipping and distribution contracts, whether inside or outside cities, and it includes


Vehicle provision

the driver


 Periodic and emergency maintenance on the vehicle

Field supervision

GPS tracking system

Temperature and humidity tracking system


This is for all types of commercial activities (dry-cooled) with a monthly rental system with a specific number of daily hours.